PODCAST/TECH: Health2.0 Communities

Moving on from the Health2.0 conversation about search and transactions, this week I’ve moved into the really new, new thing. Both the companies on this podcast are at the cusp of health and communities, and both have offerings whose age can be measured in the weeks rather than years. One, Sermo represented by founder & CEO Daniel Palestrant, is for physicians. The other, Organized Wisdom respresented by Co-Founder and President Unity Stoakes, is for patients.

Both are getting at something that was never really made accessible before. Collecting, rating, codifying, ranking and making available the informal but very important experiences, wisdoms and discoveries of doctors and patients. Again really interesting stuff. The Podcast is about 60 minutes long and has good sound quality. (Transcript will be up in a few days).

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  1. yea Podcast is really being useful these days.
    these days online virtual hospitals and other online healthcare infos are being visited by many peoples because this gives ease for the people.

  2. In response to Charles’ comment, there are a number of Pew reports looking at how people use the Internet for health searches.

  3. I was interested in the reference to the amount of people who are going on-line seeking health care information vs those finding what they were looking for. Can you point me towards the source of the quoted 16% who are finding what they are looking for.