TECH/HEALTH PLANS: Chris Rauber pokes more into KP

For those of you who can’t get enough, Chris Rauber, health care reporter from the SF Business Times has discovered that the investigations into the KP Kidney transplant fiasco are getting wider. And if anyone from KP wants to go on the record about that, as did Andrew Wiesenthal about the HealthConnect issues, I’ll be happy to give a full and fair interview.

Meanwhile I’d missed this, but he also caught this one from July—Kaiser was trimming costs in its outsourcing for IT staff  by asking vendors to cut their rates. If you looked at HotJobs for tech jobs in San Francisco this year, you’d have noticed that KP was on a hiring binge for HealthConnect, so this all fits with the desire to cut costs.

Meanwhile even more gossip about Epic and whether running the future of health care on a 30 year old obscure programming language is a good idea or not here.

Oh, and at DiabetesMine, Amy Tenderich finally has her interview with KP’s PR guy in charge of promoting their HealthySolutions DM outsourcing group, who explains a little more about how their internal DM processes work. You get the impression Amy wishes that she’s done this interview a little later!

I’m sure there’ll be more, whether or not Epic employees think this is newsworthy!


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  1. Kaiser interest in “social media” cracks me up – since they actively get rid of all the people who actually know something about it. Kaiser seems to have poured all its efforts into astroturfing Wikipedia.