QUALITY/POLICY: Report on Long term Care

Long term care gets kind of short shrift in our health care system, and on this blog too. Which is a pity as it’s really important. Joe Anglelli from The Pioneer Network  writes to me telling us about a new report by two Brown University professors about the issues.

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Andrew Masson

Nearly three years ago a colleague and I thought that applying lean engineering technology to long term care might improve care and general outcomes for residents. I have seen the best and worst in LTC facilities as my parents lived in them for extended periods. There is such enormous potential for improvements in delivering the right care at the right time. The industry does not understand lean or the cultural change it brings and it seems there is little appetitie to explore it. So disappointing. Lean could make Mr. Lon Kieffer’s life easier and the outcomes in his facility better… Read more »

Lon Kieffer

I remember when I decided to “step down” into the long term care industry. That’s how I viewed the move at the time. I gave up my fast ride up the Acute Care ladder for the “stability” of long term care as my family went through a transition. Little did I know how complex and difficult this industry truly was; and even more so now then when I made the switch. LTC has become the cog in the machine of healthcare; we do everything no one else can do! Whether it be end of life; extended acute care; transitional- hospice-… Read more »

Charles McLain
Charles McLain

Is there a long term care insurance that will pay a child or chilren to stay at home if there parent or parents become physically incapacitated. Thanks

Duane Lipham

I agree. This is an extremely important issue. I’m truly puzzled at how little attention the issues that surround LTC receive in the media and in the public consciousness. The truth is that this part of the overall health care challenges facing us has more potential for disaster than perhaps any other. The baby boomer genration has gone through their whole lives making a huge impact on every industry that affects them as they grow older, and the long term care industry will be no different. That is why the government has been making efforts to end abuse of programs… Read more »