TECH/POLICY: McCall gets off the Scrushy way

Want to be a fraudulent gazillionaire running a public company? Get your CFO (or in Scrushy’s case a plethera of them) to commit fraud, blame it all on them when it gets discovered, and suggest that as CEO it’s got nothing to do with you, and who were you to know anyway—after all you were just the CEO?

OK, so it didn’t work for the Enron guys, but then again everyone in Houston knew someone who lost their job or life savings. Most San Franciscans haven’t got a clue what McKesson does, or that it’s one of the biggest companies in town. So when the Jury Acquits, Hangs in Trial of McKesson’s Former CEO and GC, it shows that McCall gets off the Scrushy way. Well done. Now will some one give me a big public company to run?

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  1. Scrushy was just not the CEO, he started the company. For anyone to believe that he didn’t know what he was looking at is to take the Elmer Fudd defense seriously. I guess Scrushy had one of those “greedy trial” lawyers who docs claim always win because they can snow a jury to believe “junk science” is just malpractice. Maybe it was the God factor that got Scrushy off, he did “find religion” after he was caught, must have learned that from Tom Delay. Gotta love those christians.