POLICY: Morrison, Klepper & Enthoven–radical communists or mercantilist capitalist apologists?

You be the judge!

Ian Morrison is trying to point out  to the upper echelon of America’s body politic (i.e. the rich bit of its health care system) that some compromise may be reasonable in order to avoid single payer.

Brian Klepper and Alain Enthoven are pointing out why that compromise is necessary now — not something that a random walk through the unthinking business columns of the NY Times might suggest.

Of course they’re all optimists. As I’ve told all three (all of whom I know and greatly admire), I think the systems will trundles on till the middle of next decade when at the behest of the China central bank (or whoever controls economic policy then) the President will be forced to put AHIP, the AHA, the AMA, PhRMA and their Congressional lackeys in a room and offer them two choices. And single payer will be the more acceptable one.

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