POLICY/POLITICS: Uwe gets a job

Apparently New Jersey is going to rationalize its health care system. Well at least they put the best guy in charge.

New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine has announced that Uwe Reinhardt, the Woodrow Wilson School’s James Madison Professor of Political Economy and an authority on health care economics, will head the New Jersey Commission on Rationalizing Health Care Resources. According to an official announcement from the governor’s office, the Commission is charged with ensuring that New Jersey’s supply of hospital and other health care services is best configured to appropriately respond to community needs for high-quality, affordable and accessible care. In addition, the Commission will ensure that there is proper oversight and accountability of limited public funds.

This is of course the state of which the biggest AMC was run by a bunch of crooks and is now having another big academic name, Bruce Vladeck, oversee its rehabilitation. I’m not sure how much Uwe will like it out there in the real world, but I’m sure that the Commission won’t have much power,and I look forward to what it’s going to say!

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  1. As a relative youngster in the health policy/research arena I just think its funny that the old-timers have groupies like the Rolling Stones. Ahh to be Uwe…lol There is hope for us all.

  2. Lisa — I still have my crush on Uwe and he is an unabashed flirt, even in the presence of his lovely wife. Glad to know there are other Uwe Groupies out there. Lynn

  3. I’ve had a major crush on Uwe Reinhardt for years. He actually makes health services research sexy.