POLICY: Aetheist pokes fun at religious institution not offering much charity

Yup I’m at up at Spot-on talking about the nun who lost her health insurance. It’s called Get cancer? Get fired, become homeless and lose your health insurance!. As ever you can come back here to comment.

Here’s to the new road to ruin in America. Got cancer? Now you can get
fired, become homeless and lose your health insurance, and therefore
all your money too! Statistically, it’s unlikely to happen. But it’s
perfectly legal if your employer has very few scruples.

Being a member of one of America’s most despised minorities – atheists (or secular humanists as we’re now calling ourselves) – and being none too impressed with the New York Times in recent years with both its reporting of Iraq and its continued insistence on writing rubbish about how we get the health care system we want, I have been doubly gratified by a current Times series
on the unfair privileges which religious institutions receive in the
U.S. It illustrates, in passing, an important point about the
relationship between health insurance and employment – for the worse,
I’m afraid. Continue

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  1. Matt:
    Another truly wonderful article. Yours is the site I come to most often for the “real skinny” on “healthcare.” (I like to refer to it as “symptom treatment,” however!)
    You are amazing.
    Thanks much for what you are doing. I tell everyone I know about your site.
    Julia Schopick

  2. I didn’t think those that believed in god needed health insurance. Isn’t god supposed to look after those with faith in him? Don’t only atheists get cancer? I remember when I lived in Alaska, Providence Hospital, run by nuns, always had the most cut-throat labor relations with employees, especially nurses. Gimme that ole time religion.