QUALITY/HOSPITALS: Odd hospital stay ratings–only the good get mentioned?

In a vox populi column the SF Chronicle asked readers, How would you rate your last hospital stay? Funnily enough in every case when they had a good experience they mentioned the name of the hospital. If they had a bad experience, they didn’t call out its name.

Do people with bad experiences really tend to keep quiet about who did the dirty on them? Or is the Chronicle scared of pissing off advertisers? We report, you decide!

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  1. Matthew, don’t you know about The List? You know, the one linked-in to the ADT system that flags upon pre-admission or admission those libelous bastards who have aired our dirty laundry? Don’t you know The List is the real motivation behind every RHIO — we want to share our lists. You’ll get the newbie phlebotomist who can’t find a vein yet, your oh-so-good-in-the-first-place meal will be delivered cold, orders on you will be randomly “misplaced”. You’ll get bogus charges eighteen months after your visit, and be turned over to collections when you so much as question their legitimacy. You get the idea.
    When you complain about it, our PR department will say “Mr. Holt has nothing but nasty comments to make about every healthcare provider and finance organization who’s ever served him, but we’re angelic, really we are, and our mission is to serve the healthcare needs of the whole community. Privacy regulations prevent us from disclosing whether he’s a patient at our Behavioral Health clinic.”
    No, the newspaper’s not afraid of losing advertisers…
    Bwaaa Haaa Haaa Haaa!!