PHYSICIANS: Patient comments on overuse

The NY Times asked. Have you ever suspected that a physician had financial incentives for recommending a medical treatment to you? One day later they have 236 comments from readers. almost all uniformly going after doctors and dentists for overtreatment.  If you think some TCHB regulars are susicious of doctors…well they’ve got nothing on this bunch!

Meanwhile I have a gem of a story about psychotherapists overcharging desperate parents that I’ve been dragged into which I’ll share with you later.

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  1. Over treatment harms some times, I believe in proper guidance while taking care of health…that’s why I shop for the best health assistance at Couponalbum.com..!!

  2. My husband is a dentist, and in school he was trained to let the patient know what is going on in their mouths, and develop a plan to get the patient to a state of oral health – which can easily run into several thousand dollars for someone who hasn’t been the best about brushing and flossing. Would it be better for him to look on the patient’s mouth, see the needed treatment and NOT tell the patient because of the fear of being labeled as a doctor who over-treatment plans?

  3. we live in a sueing culture, and we tend to sue anyone who has naything to do with our health, simply because that is where the money is, and sollicitors are very happy to do it because of what they can generate out of it.

  4. Just another biased story from the agenda driven NYT. God forbid they publish a similar story about lawyers. I along with many other fellow Americans have not bought that newspaper since 9/11.

  5. Do you not think that if the NYT published an article asking the question “Has your physician ever failed to order tests that you felt were necessary?” that it would generate any less comment?
    Better yet, if the NYT writes, “Has your appliance repairman ever tried to rip you with an unnecessary repair?” the comments would be the same.
    There are crooks in every field. But my appliance repairman is the best and I am certain he is doing the best he can for me every time I call him. I trust him and because of him my appliances are all running perfectly.

  6. Jeez jason d. Have you ever been to a country with socialized medicine? I’m sure that all the docotrs would love it when you told them that they did nothing but sit on their asses all day.
    Matthew, please tell the story of the psycotherapists overhcarging desperate patients. I think psycotherapy is hugely important for a lot of people, especially some of the more structured therapies like CBT. And psychotic patients, once they’re stabilized on meds generally need a lot of psychosocial support to stay well.
    Having said all that, it’s an area that’s rife with potential for abuse. If a patient has a problem with a therapist, they can discuss that problem as part of their treatment and the patient gets to pay the therapist for it!

  7. If we ever switch to socialized medicine, that comment listing will change into a “my doctor is lazy and refuses to run the proper tests” diatribe.
    If I was a doc, I’d love socialized medicine because it means I could just sit on my ass all day and collect a flat salary. That way I could see like 5 patients a day and the rest of the time play golf.

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