PHARMA/POLITICS: Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the FDA toilet

Anti-Abortion Groups are opposing the FDA Nominee over the compromise on the OTC switch for for adults only for Plan B. Robert Steeves, who’s desperately trying to stay dry on what’s a fast receding sand bank for rational Republicans, writes to me to pick out one phrase from the story:

"Amid the political accusations, the FDA is contacting both the anti-abortion groups and their main opponent, Planned Parenthood, to hear their last-minute arguments over the fate of the drug, called Plan B. " 

Robert’s comment: This plebiscite is a first in the annals of NDA consideration and neither medical nor scientific, eh?

Well from this mob of faith-based crooks, what did he expect?  But even by my cynical standards this is going some.

But perhaps we’ve been looking at this the wrong way and instead there’s a new theme here. Forget those expensive clinical trials, let’s do all NDAs American Idol style!

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  1. The more I hear about the religious right influencing scientific decisions, the more I’m in favor of anything related to birth control – frankly, we have enough of these folks and we don’t need more to be born.

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