TECH: Why we love HISTalk

Every so often Mr HIStalk reminds me why he’s the best blogger in Healthcare IT and possibly far beyond:

Kaiser Permanente’s Northwest region president resigns, seemingly because of computer problems that hurt earnings. "Kaiser launched a computer system to govern billing for its high-deductible health plan and for Medicare enrollees, but halted billing for both products in June 2005 due to a technical glitch." If you had all the money that various tentacles of Kaiser have spent on botched IT projects, you could be up there on the dais with Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, giving it away to the less fortunate, which would be just about everyone.

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  1. Well kiss my ass and call me a Republican! I don’t need any help to make “Junior” stand at attention right now but it would be nice to know when and if the little fellow needs some help in getting up there would be some cheap or better yet free hardon tablets to make me and my many girlfriends as well as my beloved wife Mavis happy! Where do I write to complain about this discrimatory policy? This really pisses me off my friends! God bless you all and God bless America!

  2. Treatment by …. GEOGRAPHY ??
    Apparently Kaiser Permanente treats ED (erectile disfunction)based on geography:
    For example, Senior Advantage members living in and around Washington,DC are provided with Cialis, Levitra & Viagra. But none of those same members living in the West (California,Oregon,Washington)are provided those drugs — They have been removed from the Approved Formulary. Comments solicited.