TECH: IOM reccomends ePrescribing by 2010

The IOM is out with another report on medication errors in which it recommends the use of ePrescribing for all scripts by 2010. And it’s made it into the news, at least into the AP Headlines where the tale is told that drug errors hurt 1.5 million.

Perhaps someone should let whoever took the ePrescribing mandate out of the final language in the MMA in 2003 (after it made it through in the House version of the bill) know that they’re killing people and costing payers a fortune. But then again I wouldn’t want to point fingers at anyone in particular.


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Stuart Gitlow MD
Stuart Gitlow MD

One MD’s opinion: This isn’t about reluctance to take on new technology as much as it’s about reluctance to switch from one method to another without any evidence to demonstrate significant value. I’ve made plenty of mistakes by using a computer’s default setting in one program or another. The best way to make sure the pharmacy makes the right choice is to not have illegible handwriting. There are many ways around this, one of which is to print rather than to use cursive writing. But I don’t wish to be forced into spending thousands of dollars on a computer-based prescribing… Read more »

jason d
jason d

AMA isnt against e-prescribing, they just dont want to pay for something thats not necessarily going to be accepted as the industry standard and work with other existing infrastructures. If the fed govt came out with a law which says that X is the escripting package that the whole medical field must use, ending any uncertainty about cross-compatibility or industry standards, then the AMA would be the first to advocate implementing the system. The private marketplace is not hte place for such a system. The fed govt should just declare by law that the VA “VISTA” system is the de… Read more »