POLICY/HOSPITALS: Joe agrees that end of life care costs too much

You don’t need me to prattle on about the systemic over-spending on end of life care when Joe Paduda is doing it instead. But on the day when we’re arresting doctors for delivering what they perceive to be the best care at the end of life, albeit in extreme circumstances, it is about time that someone started taking it seriously.

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  1. I think this administration is looking forward to the day when Medicare is bankrupt. When we start only paying for certain end of life situations, that’s when hosptals will think twice before making money with this virtual live embalming of the elderly. For profit in healthcare corrupts, a govermnment system can better determine what to pay for and control costs. But Americans are not ready for that yet, so you’ll just have to keep paying.

  2. Anyone else frustrated that our Medicare monies will now be paying for bariatric surgery? I think we’re just going to make the obesity problem worse and drain the Medicare funds. Watch the free-standing for-profit centers open on every corner. I’d like to have a voice in what gets covered. Who exactly is making those coverage decisions? Anyone have a name please.