QUALITY: Yogurt–health food or dessert?

At The Doctor Weighs In spoilsport Pat Salber tells you that yogurt is not a health food! As I like (sweetened) yogurt — as oppsed to the natural rubbish — that’s obvious to me. The Matthew Holt test is, if I like it, it’s bad for you.

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  1. I guess I’m of the “I’d rather have a really good treat rarely instead of a pale imitation often” persuasion. Comparing TJ’s domestic full fat version to Fage’s Total imported from Greece, I prefer the the trader Joe’s.

  2. Abby, no argument the full fat greek yogurt is the most delicious. I agree Trader Joe’s brand is fab. I usit it this to replace sour cream, creme fraiche, double cream, etc all the time in recipes.
    For everyday breakfast or snack for a dieter, the no-fat version of greek yogurt is pretty healthy, combining low fat and low -cal with a lower-carb, higher protein ratio than ordinary yogurt and still much nicer than ordinary plain yogurt, and more filling in addition to being more delicious.

  3. SarahW—Trader Joe’s full fat version is better. It’s tarter and has more flavor. It’s so thick that you only need a very small portion. Delcious with a bit of honey and walnuts.

  4. A healthy alternative, with a much more delicious texture than regular yogurt….is nonfat greek yogurt. ( fage total 0% is a popular brand). Those who object to “natural” plain yogurt are frequently suprised at how much nicer this yogurt is to eat. It has a rich mouth feel and makes a dieting person feel full and satisfied.
    It has fewer carbs and more protein than ordinary yogurt.
    One single-serving sized container of the skim version has about 80 calories, 6g carbs and 13g protein, and of course, no fat, all the while tasting sinful and luscious.
    Some people like it plain with a few walnuts or a touch of honey.
    I like it sweetened a little with a packet of equal or xylitol or splenda and/or a handful of fresh or frozen berries.
    The 2 percent and full-fat versions are also wonderful and make delicious and and relatively healthy substitutions for sour cream and cream cheese. The whey is strained out of this yogurt, so the it cooks well and does not separate as ordinary yogurt does if you try to cook with it. It makes lovely sauces.

  5. This has been known for some time. I seem to remember it being widely reported in the mainstream press about five years ago that, despite being low in fat, yogurt tended to be high in carbs — e.g. sugar — to make up for the loss. So, no, it isn’t health food.
    Fat is flavor. No way around it. Eat everything in moderation and enjoy yourself, because you only go around once. If you’re getting chunky, eat less and move around more. That’s my simple plan.