TECH/POLICY/BLOGS: from PARC–GUI, Ethernet, the Laser Printer, and now….moi–Talking

Xerox PARC — Silicon Valley’s most famous research center. The place where the HomeBrew Computer club used to meet. The place from which good ideas were “appropriated” and become the core of minor companies like Apple, 3Com and later Microsoft.  The place of the legendary Thursday afternoon lectures, and yup, now it’s risen to its all time height (or hype) and it’s hosting me!

So if you want to hear me talk, it’s happening at 4pm on Thursday 25 May, free and open to the public. I’ll be talking about health care, IT, Doctors, bribery and corruption….the stuff you know and love

Directions here

HEALTHCARE UNBOUND! A Visionary Conference & Exhibition on Remote Monitoring, Home Telehealth and Pervasive Computing. July 17-18, 2006, Cambridge, MA. For full details, please visit: http://www.tcbi.org/hu2006/index.html

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    The approach stirred lots of excitement

  2. Enjoyed your talk Thursday. Will you be willing to make your transparencies available?

  3. All my talks are off the cuff! When I say writing I mean putting together some charts that I can talk from! I have never read a talk in my life…although I’m marrying (as in officiating) a friend this weekend, so I may have to read part of that…

  4. Have you considered not writing it and just going off the cuff? It is a good idea to put some thought into your talk and a specific outline and a couple practices is definitely appreciated. However, just reading a talk that’s been written is boring.
    I wish I could be there. The HomeBrew club is the essence of geek. You should be proud.

  5. I think podcast or video is likely–transcript unlikely, as that costs someone extra money.
    Of course I have to finish writing the damn talk….

  6. Have any of your talks, lectures, or presentations been recorded and made available online?