HEALTH PLANS: Kaiser, kidney transplants, (sigh)

This Kaiser kidney transplant thing isn’t getting any better—today they’re setting up an “internal enquiry”. There’s no way that lawsuits and legislative activity won’t result soon. And as Eric Novack chastises me for my favoritism, this is from one of the “good guys” in American health care. If it was (say) Tenet or Golden Rule I would be piling on a lot more. I certainly am feeling much more dismay than I would were it one of those others…

What’s worrying is that there was a lot of basic incompetence in the administration of the Thrive campaign (internal documents left on public servers, domain names not reserved, etc, etc). I had hoped that that incompetence would be contained within the marketing department, not allowed to spread into the important areas of clinical care.

I hope there is another side to this story, but at the moment don’t you think KP would have been better off taking 1% of the $40m it dumped into its Thrive campaign, and using it to have an impartial expert consultant take a hard look at this new kidney center’s practices before and as it was opening. After all they are the ones who’ve been stressing that preventative care is cheaper and better quality than trying to patch things up after the fact.

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