BLOGS/PHARMA: The sexy world of drug reps–Have the link now

The Daily Show interviews the totally hot Miss Florida who’s also a drug rep and criticizes Jeffrey Avorn for promoting generics using non-hot nurses and pharmacists. Best bit is when they berate a senior for using generics and taking bread out of Miss Florida’s mouth. Hysterical…

UPDATE: Here’s the link. (only seems to work with  Explorer, Firefox just hangs)

This is a must see. I bet Avorn just didn’t understand what the hell was going on…

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You Have Now Been Sampled (Drug Reps, Part 2) While the pharmaceutical industry’s image and reputation has suffered, and has been complicated with their declining profits due to a few reasons, these companies still apparently insist on keeping most of their gift- givers on board. Known presently as simply drug reps today, this job has become a vocation void of a sense of accomplishment, which will be described below. So they may be named at times in different ways, these promoters will be referred to as drug reps, which number close to 100,000 in the U.S. presently, it is believed.… Read more »

The Group Guy

I’m with Jib. The best part was the blow dryer


I disagree violently! The best part is when they use a blow dryer on her!!!

Dave Albin