POLICY: Klepper says, business is our only hope

It’s a weird situation, but I think Brian Klepper is right when in an opinion piece in the mighty Charlotte Observer he points out that getting business on board is our only hope in for doing something about the health care crisis.

Hard to imagine that corporate America is the path to salvation, but in this case it seems to be true.

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  1. Matthew – when business finally figures out that their “investment” in health care is measured by its impact on productivity, then they will get engaged. Asit is now, health care is a necessary evil, although a very big evil at that. If health reform succeeds in uncoupling the employer-sponsorship of health insurance, it likely will not happen for some time.
    Barring that, we need to engage business by showing them that their dollars bbuy productivity.

  2. Adopting the best business models would improve the delivery of health care and realize considerable savings for all. The best business models, think GE and Jack Welch, Motorolla and Toyota, have customers as the center of their focus and deliver a great product for a reasonable cost because they know how to cut waste and keep their employees focused and motivated. The idea of team work and communication abound in these outstanding industries. Healthcare leaders need to borrow the best ideas of these industries, especially the idea of Lean Healthcare.

  3. I would think this was almost self-evident. Nothing happens in America without big business’s approval.

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