TECH: HIMSS coming, coming

Your correspondent had the somewhat out of body experience of discussing HSAs and “cherry picking” with a Singaporean health minister, followed by eventually getting a back to my grotty motel, and being told that I had to go to another motel, driven there by a very chatty young Indian man who was very interested in discussing optical networking, and hospital automation at 2 am…

Meanwhile, the check in for the conference is at the other end of the center from the press room, which doesn’t have enough power cords.

So you wonder why no HIMSS update….just wait. Patience, patience

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  1. It’s not just HSA health insurance “Cherry Pickin,” it’s life insurance too. These bozo’s 56 years old who are fat, 80lb over weight, smoke and have lung cancer are charged more for a $1,000,000 life insurance policy than a 23 year old male with 2 children in perfect health and does not smoke. I know Matthew calls this “Cherry Pickin” in health insurance so he and “wonky” Kate Steadman probably don’t like life insurance either. Let’s all Socialize life insurance too, right after these 2 Socialize health insurance.