THCB: Thanks for coming!

According to my sitemeter, January was my most trafficked month ever, and this current week is shaping up to be my busiest ever — other than the one when the WSJ linked to me.

So thanks for coming, and please go get the free magazines, and other links, and if you want to hear more in your organization, remember that I give talks for food.

And tomorrow I’m going to be on the radio in St Luis Obispo on the Dr Scott Robertson Show at 12 noon. That’s KVEC 920 am on the California central coast or on the web here some time later in the week. Apparently Scott is calling me a "bloggist"!

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  1. Thanks everyone, other than Ron, who has obviously lost what ever tenuous hold he had on reality with that post.

  2. Congrats, dude. Little guys like us will continue to look up the mountain your climbing and be amazed at how far ahead of the pack you are! 🙂

  3. Matthew you should ask, “Is your employer selling health insurance with non-lisensed HR fruitcakes without full and proper disclosure? Where is the AG when you need them?” You know the insurance company tapes you when you talk to them. You should always tape these non-licensed HR fruitcakes when you talk to them.
    Everytime a young women with cancer is put to COBRA for insurance termination I think Matthew gets a bonus from Blue Cross. You are spending blood money Matthew. This kills young women Matthew just so your clients can make a dirty dollar by killing Americans.

  4. Congratulations Matt…you are, indeed, a bloggist, and a very good one at that. BTW, food isn’t all its cracked up to be. Pat