PBMs: Is PCMA learning AHIP’s tricks?

I’m so fond of analyzing "research" by AHIP that I’ve missed some from PCMA, the trade group of the PBMs. But if you go to their site you’ll learn that you, the consumer, are about to save $1.3 trillion over the next ten years because of our brave PBMs.

Well at least they haven’t taken to AHIPs trick of claiming savings for their consumers when their costs were going through the roof.  I mean, who can dispute that the presence of PBMs is saving their consumers money? Well some people might but they can’t tell us what will happen in the future can they!  After all, who knows what will happen in the future? No one! So what they say can’t be challenged!

You may guess that I’ll have a little more about this coming up. For now, hunt about in the section on PBMs in the CHCF report that came out yesterday, before I introduce you to some folks who’ve been overturning the rocks in the PBMs’ backyard.

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  1. Could you define your acronyms in your blog postings or put up an acronym guide in the left-hand column, please? Or is it your intention to drive off healthcare illiterates such as I am?