OFF-TOPIC/TECH: In the shower this morning I was thinking of going short, with UPDATE

And in my fantasy stock trading moments — Damn Damn Damn

But you might like my commment buried in a post over at Ezra’s when the stock was at $450, ooh as long ago as early last month!

Ezra’s one line post was  Not that I don’t love my magazine and all, but I’m applying for a job with google. He was excited about the ncie work benefits and the stock options. My comment was “I’m thinking of going to work there, so long as the options they give me are puts.”

Once again—all talk no action at this end!

UPDATE: While I was mentally jerking off, this guy closed the deal using logic as well as intuition.  But for some reason only went short 10 shares. Still he’s up $500 more than I am!

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