POLICY: Of course, you know, this means war!

The Maryland legislature enacts a Wal-Mart specific pay-or-play bill. It says that any company with more than 10,000 employees which doesn’t spend 8% of payroll on health care benefits needs to pay into a state fund. What’s not to like about this bill? It allows attacks on the big discount retailers and the fast-food chain while leaving small and medium businesses out of the legislation.

Of course, it doesn’t really help much in terms of reducing the number of the uninsured…..but I can hear Bugs Bunny even now.

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  1. Another way to increase tax revenue and provide little, if any value to tax payers. But it is spun in a classic rich guy v. poor guy argument.
    The money is additional tax. Wal-Mart’s tax revenue and their employees tax revenue already contribute the State’s tax base for assisting the poor and uninsured. If Maryland really wanted to address the problem of the uninsured they would have applied the tax to employers with more than 5,000 employee and use the money to expand Medicaid in terms of reimbursement to providers and exanding eligibility. But that would have been too unpopular. It is easier just to beat up on Walmart

  2. I bet even Hillary will support tax free HSAs after this years’ State of the Union ShockWave of President Bush. The tax free HSA D-Day is coming.
    I’m starting a radio show this week. Trust me, it will blow Dr. Eric Radio show away.
    The truth from Tampa Bay, where the palm trees sway. Soon you will be able to hear my tone of voice as I comment about your writings Matthew.
    Don’t go to taxfreehsa.net, just yet.

  3. I think Hilliary is behind it. She’s trying to get private health insurance declared unconstitutional, so she manipulates Maryland, in total secrecy of course, into passing a pointless law to use as the court case. Then in 2008 she can come to the rescue with a constitutional solution. HeHeHe! Fiendishly clever, eh? She thinks so, but too clever by half! I must ring-up Rush tomorrow and let him know what’s going on, but of course, he probably knew it last week…

  4. Exactly, Kevin. But beating up on WalMart is much more fun than solving the problem and having a bunch of innocent small businesses whining at you! And they can afford it

  5. Wal-mart’s response is that Wal-Mart employees make up only half of one percent of the uninsured in the state. They ask, and I think rightly so, what about health care for the rest of them.

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