BLOGS/POLICY: My readers are way smarter than I am

The best thing about this year in THCB has been opening the comments up for discussion, which was actually a function of changing hosts from Blogger to TypePad, and not part of some grand design. Although certain themes have been overly repeated (and you know who you are, Ron), the overall quality of the discussion in the comments has been excellent, especially in last weeks EMR discussion, and in yesterday’s responses to what was really a throwaway piece about the tax-deductability of health care benefits. Having spoken to several of my regular commenters, and having had email back chats with many more, I can only say how impressed I am. Take a look at both of those threads and see the variety of high level discussion, arguments and counter arguments.

I am only saddened by the fact that this type of discourse (the intelligence rather that the civility of it) is so far way from being typical in American political life. That’s why in my own small way by starting a column over at the political site Spot-On I’m trying to, so to speak, bring it to the masses. But long may THCB stay a place where the smart health care wonks can thrash out the big issues.

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