TECH: Interesting post on physician IT education

Tech-over-achiever Shahid Shah’s new IT aggregator blog — the HITSphere— has started up a community feature that’s well worth tracking. Several people have started their own blogs there and one is an MD called Mike. He has some interesting things to say about how to get doctors to the point that they can “learn to love the EMR”. His piece is called: Healthcare IT, Informatics and GME: Are We Doing Enough? Go take a look but here’s a flavor.

If we teach our future physicians the basics and give them the tools to self-teach in the future, they will be better equipped to adapt, optimize and lead. Future challenges related to standards/inter-operability, languages and security should not be left entirely to non-physicians. We as a group want functional cost-effective solutions and so we should be willing to invest in that future by training leaders to help guide us.

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