TECH/CONSUMERS: Joe Paduda is nice to Steve Case

Here’s Joe Paduda on Steve Case’s strategy for Revolution Health

Loyal readers know I have been less than impressed with Case’s strategy, team, and acquisitions to date. While I admire the audacity, I question the judgment.

Joe is too nice.

It’s all very well Case going to talk to Warren Buffet about this. The guy he should have talked to was Jim Clark who said exactly the same things as Case is saying now in 1995 before he started HealthEon. Luckily for Clark the stock market insanity enabled HealthEon to buy up some real companies with their valuable paper despite the fact the company had basically no revenue and no products that seemed to actually work. Amazingly enough they didn’t completely kill their acquisitions in the process—although it was a damn close run thing. Case tried the same thing with Time Warner when AOL bought it….and it survived but as a very wounded beast.

Still if he wants to piss away his $250m or whatever, it’s up to him. But perhaps he should talk to someone who knows something about health care first.

However, if he really wants to change the system he’d have been better off taking either Bill Gates’ approach or trying to agitate for a political solution like Philippe Villers did with Families USA.

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