TECH: Cerner’s very rough days

So despite the denials, Cerner’s stock had another dreadful day. Following a fall on Wednesday, Thursday it was down another $10 on concerns that they’re cooking the books. Now Neal Patterson may be a rough around the edges guy, but he’s no dummy and he knows about Sarbanes-Oxley.


On the other hand, it’s not a bad time to be taking profits and people have sat around not believing it before, and then Enron and Worldcom happened.  So a little bit of panic selling/locking in profits is a logical explanation.

Still, I at least am looking forward to seeing whether the clear gain in market penetration that Cerner is seeing is really not being translated into more cash flow, revenue and profits.

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  1. What this signifies is the coming of a major change of guard in HIT vendor landscape. The winners will have to answer the EMR questions we identified.
    Out with the old. In the with new. Hoorrray!

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