TECH: M&A in the Healthcare IT world reviewed

For those of you that want a recap on 2005’s market action in health care IT so far, it’s worth reading equity analyst Ben Rooks on M&A in the HealthCare Informatics top 100. Essentially there’s a lot of M&A going on compared to recent years, mostly because of the realization that the big boys are going to play in health care IT as the gap between medical imaging and clinical software continues to shrink. Go over and read it for more details.

However, Ben is too kind to note that the " Top 100" (PDF) has been wrong as often as it’s been right in the past few years. For example it still doesn’t rank Siemens as a top 100 health care IT company, even though SMS was consistently over $1 billion in sales when it was acquired in 2000. The acquisition may not have gone well, but it didn’t go that badly! And in the list GE’s total health care IT revenue mysteriously dropped dramatically this year, as they noticed that they’d been counting a lot of medical imaging revenue in the “IT” category, and it went from being number 1 to being number 12. However, it looks like they’ve got the same problem this year with Philips, which certainly isn’t as big an IT player as it is an imaging and monitoring player. And how come Dell is on the list at number 11, but IBM isn’t there at all?

Basically the list has no consistency as to who’s selling hardware versus software versus imaging versus PACS versus IT. But that’s OK, if you want to find out what’s really going on behind the data clutter, you just need to ask me nicely….(although sadly unlike Healthcare Informatics I ain’t giving it away!)

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  1. Matt,
    I agree that there’s some fuzzy logic around this list. Why was only McKesson Provider Technologies included and not all of McKesson? There’s no way Cardinal should be #1 and Philips #2 on the list. They obviously aren’t evaluating each company in the same way.

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