BLOGS: Disappearing & Reappearing posts

If you’ve been on THCB and seen a post that looks weird or unfinished, and then later noticed that it’s gone away, let me tell you what’s happening. Because Typepad got pretty unreliable I started using a client-side blog editor called BlogJet (made in Russia so it happens). I’m still in the trial period but it’s pretty sweet and it’s the only WISYWIG editor out there (for the PC world at least).  But there is one bug and that’s the one that’s showing up. When I tell it to “post as draft” a piece I’ve just started (usually by using the “BlogJet this” capture tool which grabs the URL) it’s been posting it as a published piece visible to y’all instead.

I then have to go into Typepad to “un-publish” it/ It’s then back in my draft queue and I can then use Blogjet (or Typepad) to rewrite it, and usually I then have it publish it at a later time — that’s a very nice feature given that I try to publish in the middle of the night and don’t want to be up all night hitting the “publish” button.

As it turns out this is NOT BlogJet’s fault, but another teething trouble thing with Typepad.  I know that as they told me as much and are trying to fix it. Hopefully they will soon, as that “post as draft” feature from BlogJet feature even works with the blighted Blogger, and given that BlogJet does almost everything Typepad does other than host, it almost makes me want to return to Blogger. But I think Google’s doing well enough without more help from me!  And TypePad has been so nice to this point I hope that they a) fix the problem and b) give their clients a free client-side editor.  Perhaps they could just cut the BlogJet guy a big check?

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