POLICY: Hilliard on Cato

Over at SignalHealth Tom Hilliard has another interesting analysis of the Hilliard on Cato analysis of the Shadegg bill. He’s a bit too nice about Mark Pauly but otherwise it makes for combustible reading, and don’t miss the rebuttal comment from Cato’s Michael Cannon. I will be reviewing a copy of Cannon’s new book shortly, but head over to Signalhealth if you like this kind of policy wonk debate.

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  1. First of all, our insurance company is in 43 states with individual health insurance and nobody else is even close, so this legislation is about us. Second, we will not move to Idaho and cause them full employment. Third – this means that men in MT and OR will not need to purchase a “maternity rider” anymore, those goofball regulators.
    I have thought this out before I moved to the Sunshine state. Under this legislation the best location for enrollment is under the palm trees and an insurance company from WI selling the product that conforms with Michigan law, trust me. It’s as plain as the nose on your face.