PHARMA: Blogging impact on pharma

I will be speaking at a conference on Blogging and Pharma later this year.  More details here and there’ll be more about it on THCB soon. Meanwhile, do you think that this is the kind of story that pharma companies should be concerned about?  It never mentions the word lawsuit, but if SSRIs cause birth defects, how long before the Vioxx lawyers get ahold of this one and run with it?

It may be a while before we can be all grown up about our pills.

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  1. That’s not really news about SSRIs and pregnancy. It’s always a balancing act. You have to weigh the dangers of birth defects against the dangers of depression. Very depressed mothers might not eat, and that isn’t healthy either.

  2. Remember when I was wondering who might be willing to sponsor a study on the relation between SSRIs and the obesity epidemic? Maybe it will be the Vioxx lawyers, lol.

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