POLICY/QUALITY: A good round up of lefty propaganda, and Berwick gets a gong

The Christian Science Monitor has a quick diatribe on what a mess health care is, and how the HSA/CDHP movement will be a five to ten years distraction before we end up at some type of universal coverage/single payer.  The article is called Why the healthcare crisis won’t go away and is definitely worth a read as it pretty much encapsulates my views on the matter.

Meanwhile those of you who think that we need an Escape Fire will be amused to know that Don Berwick was given a Knighthood recently. Two quick explanations for you non-limeys. No he can’t call himself "Sir Donald" — you can only do that if you are a Brit (Hence "Sir" Bob Geldof isn’t).  Second, no it’s not in the least likely that the Queen picked him out of a line-up — these awards are nominated by the government, and its just an indication that the quality/pay-for-performance crowd have had quite a bit of influence across the pond.

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  1. I’m new to this site (linked at the eClinicalWorks users forum (http://www.eCWusers.com), but disappointed to hear you espouse the ‘single payer’, or socialized-medicine model over the HSA approach. HSAs and individual responsibility are the future, I fervently hope. Unless you want one giant Medicare, which will quickly become one horrendous Medicaid.
    /Mr Lynn

  2. Americans aren’t allowed to use titles, but are only UK citizens eligible for the real deal? (Alastaire Campbell was once shocked to realize that he was wrong in calling them British subjects.) I guess Canadians can’t. Thus Lord Black had to become British. Does this extend to all the other Commonwealth countries? I wonder whether a Spanish citizen could sue to have a knighthood recognized.
    Is it only the Lords who get a certain number nominated by the Opposition? Is this Labour enthusiasm for Berwick or are the Tories on board w/ P4P too?