PHYSICIANS: Apparently Florida remains exceptional

Why is there a nursing shortage in south Florida? Apparently it’s because the doctors are very badly behaved, sometimes.

The South Florida Hospital and Healthcare Association, seeking to recruit more nurses from other areas, organized focus groups of nurses who had moved here in the past two years and asked them what they didn’t like about South Florida. ”The No. 1 issue was physician abuse,” says Linda Quick, president of the group. ”Sometimes it was omission — the doctors didn’t engage them in the treatment process. But they also indicated there was hollering, yelling, sarcasm. They indicated it was a particular problem here,” compared to other places they had worked.

As ever Florida is just a strange place. We know their practice patterns are out of whack, we know that health care fraud and corruption is a greater problem there than elsewhere, and we know they can’t arrange elections …and left us with the hopeless bunch of clowns running the show now in charge.

I still think they should tow the whole state into the Caribbean and leave it there.

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  1. As an RN I had thought physician abuse of nurses was a thing of the past. However, I was sadly mistaken. In a professional advice column I write for RN.com I have been flooded with letters from nurses complaining of physicians screaming and yelling at them. This is nothing less then workplace violence and anyone behaving violently needs to be disciplined, counseled and/or fired. I just don’t get why health care administrators are reluctant to do their legal and ethical job and take action against violent MDs (Or any other worker.) Is it going to take another nurse murdered in a clinical setting to get some action?

  2. Careful, Pal. That’s SOUTH FLORIDA you’re referring to. Or more accurately, SOUTHEAST Florida. While the folks down there, don’t know how to vote, here in the bucolic, more leisurely, temperate northern part of the state, we have no such problems. At least not that we talk about.
    You know, sort of like the difference between LA and SF.