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  1. Here is a new, free, open source of technical information about medical device integration into EMRs.
    Biomedical Device integration Tech Cormer
    “An archive of technical documents, protocols, standards and procedures useful for clinical engineers and IT professionals involved in biomedical device integration and connectivity to electronic medical records (EMR)”

  2. Free, open-source FroozHIE from NoMoreClipboard eases data transfer between disparate EMRs
    NoMoreClipboard.com will demonstrate its open-source innovation – FroozHIE – next week at HIMSS08. Could this be the next frontier to help increase EMR adoption?

  3. Wireless is also an emerging area of competition and pettiness in the tech area. I was very interested in learning WML, and the tech people I worked with at Kaiser deliberately didn’t tell me about a talk that was given on it. In fact the person who was supposedly my best friend there cancelled lunch with me, and he was mysterious when I asked him why. There was no reason not to tell me except people were trying to get an edge on being seen as experts in the pda arena. I think this says a lot about why women have problems moving over and getting along in the technology arena. I would have benefitted a lot from that seminar, and as an entry level employee I didn’t pose a threat to anyone who already had tech credentials. However, the tech guys think in terms of monopolizing the expertise and keeping the girls out of the club house instead of what’s best for the organization or what would advance the education and potential of other human beings.
    I have to say once more, Kaiser is outright fostering this environment, and it undermines the potential of the whole organization.

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