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Hospital Impact is an interesting new blog that has several issue areas mostly, but not exclusively, of interest to hospital admin folks. Worth checking out.  I can’t quite figure out who’s behind it, but it seems to have some connection to the HFMA…. or I might be imagining that.

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    Hospital workers charged for not reporting abuse complaint Last Edited: Tuesday, 06 May 2008, 5:20 PM MST Created: Tuesday, 06 May 2008, 3:58 PM MST Scottsdale Health SideBar Related Items Videos The Scottsdale City Prosecutor’s office is charging 4 people in connection to a sexualassault at a local hospital. All 4 people are charged with failing to report the assault of an incapacitated/vulnerable adult. According to Scottsdale police, a patient at Scottsdale Healthcare-Osborn was sexuallyassaulted on November 17, however, the victim was incapacitated and therefore unable to report the crime until December 12. The assault was later reported to police by hospital staff in January. According to detectives, the hospital was conducting it’s own internal investigation prior to notifying police. State law requires medical personnel in charge of “vulnerable adults” to immediately report suspected abuse to police. Detectives with the sexcrimes unit interviewed staff and the victim but were unable to identify a suspect in the case. They submitted their findings to the prosecutor’s office and the decision was made to charge 4 staff members with failing to report the incident. Those charged include: 53 year-old Susan Livengood of Mesa is the Associate Vice President of Scottsdale Healthcare-Osborn 45 year-old Shelly Van Vianen of Phoenix is the Nurse Manager 44 year-old Patricia Crellin of Phoenix is a Psychiatrist as Scottsdale Healthcare-Osborn 59 year-old Madlyn Costantino of Tempe is a Rehab Coordinator All 4 are scheduled to appear in court on May 15. Convictions yes !