POLICY/INTERNATIONAL: The Weekly Standard on moron support

In an article called Socialized Medicine on Life Support, there is just yet more rubbish from a libertarian doctor form a libertarian "think-tank" writing in a conservative weekly. For chrisssakes, Canada doesn’t even have "Socialized Medicine" — defined as the physicians providing the care working for the state.  That would be Cuba, Sweden or even the UK.  Canada has single payer….In American terms Medicare is single payer, the VA is socialized medicine…

It’s not even worth refuting the rubbish they write, but just once it would be nice if the sources they quote actually had done some, say, real research.

And as for the hackneyed old arguments; "Canadians flooding the US looking for care". Rubbish. "Opinion polls show Canadians think their health care is in crisis" — not compared to the US (read down to "System Satisfaction"), and "long waits for care everywhere but the US" — again just BS.

But the point is that these guys don’t need to deal with the truth or even fake real research.  Spreading FUD about anything that’s not the US status quo is all that’s needed.

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