INDUSTRY: Scrushy verdict is in–He walks

So after about 15 years of deliberation, the biggest fraud in the history of health care is coming to its zenith. The news is that the jury has reached a verdict in Scrushy trial. Now we’ll see if all that showing up at black churches and sponsoring Christian boy bands was worth it….

My guess is that in the Michael Jackson tradition he walks, but in my book the crook who blames his underlings and then claims that God forgives him is the lowest kind.

Check back soon for the verdict….

And of course he walks. Not guilty on all charges. Every CFO and person who works there said that he was fully in charge of orchestrating the whole fraud, but up to 200 local preachers appeared on Scrushy’s evangelistic radio show on Alabama cable and said he was innocent. So who would you trust.  A bunch of admitted crooks or emissaries from God?

The amusing thing is that he’ll now try to get control back of HealthSouth. Listening to Jim Cramer on CNBC has been quite amusing…Cramer is not too impressed with the wisdom of the Alabama jury.

Now he’s live on TV giving all the thanks for God, thanking all the pastors and ministers, and everyone who helped get him off.  On CNBC the squawkbox wag said "How about a foursome at the Alabama golf club–Scrushy, OJ, Robert Blake and Jacko?".  His other good line was "Lucky the charge wasn’t ‘Poor interviewing of CFOs" as 5 out of 5 managed to put one over on him…"

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