BLOGS/TECH: THCB week off over, more or less

Your host took a (he believes) well-earned break in Europe last week  following some work over there (and no it wasn’t for the NHS). I’m actually still there (here?) having randomly found wi-fi in a wi-fi less world before my flight back to the states tomorrow.  Anyway, I did all the eastern Europe touring I should have done 20 years ago when I lived here, and I recommend Prague heartily.

The main thing of interest that happened while I was gone was that the rumors of IDX’s problems in the UK  (mentioned several times in the excellent HISTalk blog) indeed were true. Fujitsu, the general contractor in the southern region fired them, even though their replacement (another win for Cerner) has had its own issues with the "meet and greet" appointment system. (Yeah I know it’s not called that).

Cerner’s stock price is up some 30% since March, which suggests that Wall Street has decided who the winner is in the HIT game. As my Fiercehealthcare editorial last week suggested, it’s probably a matter of when rather than if one of the bigger tech companies (Oracle is a persistent rumor) decides that they want them.  However, at a PE of 37, Cerner is pretty pricey!

My next real work is on the subject of ePrescribing. So if that’s an interest of yours please drop me an email. Hope you didn’t miss me too much, and I look forward to being a little more attentive in the coming weeks.


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  1. Glad to hear Prague is still excellent. I made a last-minute decision to go there on the day they dropped the visa requirement for U.S. citizens (according to a rumor heard on the train). I was very nervous that the rumor was wrong and I would end up in some Eastern Bloc jail. It turned out to be the highlight of my year o’ European backpacking. At the time I went, no one spoke English, so it felt like I had finally left Disneyworld despite the fairy tale clock tower.
    I’m not an expert on ePrescribing by any means, but I did crank out some powerpoint presentations for eRefill (part of Kaiser’s Northern California ePrescribing system. Patient requests were handled by KP Online, and the stock was managed by a database called PIMS (Pharm. Info Mgt. System, I believe). Kaiser also bought the old web van facility for this. Let me know if you have any lightweight questions. Once upon a time I think I had some stats for supposedly reduced wait times.

  2. I did miss you, but I figured that you were off earning a living or something silly like that.
    BBC radio 4’s In Business (which I downloaded via their podcast option) had a good program about the growth of wifi in some European cities.