A Mistrial in the Scrushy case?

Scrushya_2Could the jury in the Scrushy case be on the verge of deadlock? It certainly sounds that way from this report in today’s Wall Street Journal:

"Jurors in the corporate-fraud
trial of HealthSouth Corp. founder Richard M. Scrushy told the judge
that they "cannot unanimously agree on a verdict" and asked for "an
explanation in layman’s terms."

The handwritten note, delivered to the judge about
halfway into the jury’s fourth day of deliberations, appears to be an
ominous sign for federal prosecutors while giving Mr. Scrushy another
reason for optimism about the outcome of the four-month trial here."

Now, it’s a little early to say anything conclusive about what a mistrial would mean, but that does not exactly sound like good news if you’re one of the people who think Scrushy was involved in the massive accounting fraud at HealthSouth. 

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  1. I was an employee for HealthSouth,in their District office as a PAR (patient account rep) 5yrs ago in Melbourne, Fla. I resigned after only 8 months of employment, due to his alleged theft of Medicare Fraud in which he pleaded “NO CONTEST” AND PAID A HEAFTY FINE, while giving out 10 cent an hour raises to his “loyal, hardworking employees”. In the front entrance reception area where one waits to be called for an interview, proudly hung on the wall was a huge framed picture of “people stick figures black/white drawing”, of a wagon; some were sitting ontop, some were beside it, some were pushing it,some were PULLING IT it…..He wanted employees to pull HIS WAGON TO THE TOP $$$$$$$$, SO HE COULD REAP THE REWARDS……..I quit because the saying goes “once a thief always a thief”…DO I NEED TO SAY MORE ABOUT RICHARD “SCROOGE”?

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