BLOGGING: Minor IE screwup

There was a minor screw-up in the template today and that meant that Internet Explorer and Safari users couldn’t get to the site for a while.  My apologies.  It’s now been fixed, but for your techies out there you’ll be interested to know that Firefox worked just fine.  If you try to get to the site and it doesn’e work, please email me about it.  Thanks

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  1. Thanks! The vote was pretty much unanimous, so we dropped courier. Who says web designers don’t believe in democratic rule?
    Some other site related stuff: we’re still going through the process of updating the THCB categories listings. There’s a great deal of material there, going back all the way to 2003: all in all about 800 posts by Matthew and other THCB contributors. For now you can use the PICO search box to try to find articles on a specific topic if you’re having trouble. Your forgiveness is much appreciated. We’re geting it done as fast as we can!
    In case you didn’t catch it the first time around: we’ve updated our feeds, so if you want to get RSS delivery of the latest Health Care Blog stories, you should sign up by selecting one of the buttons on the column to the right.
    Also: I’m hesitating before implementing the delivery via email post option offered by Bloglet which we had on the old site. Would anybody like to see it? Let me know if you used it, or would like to have it and I’ll install it again.