THCB NOTES: FierceHealthcare Newsletter

Your host here has picked up another gig which is pretty complementary with TCHB. I’m now editing the new FierceHealthcare newsletter. This is a free newsletter each weekday emailed out around 12 noon EST which captures the gist of the 5 healthcare biggest stories that day, and has a link to another 5-10 stories or press releases of interest. It’s mostly aimed at the health care business crowd, but the kind of topics you see in it will be pretty familiar to THCB readers. I encourage you to sign up here. If you want to see a sample first, go here.

FierceHealthcare is pretty much straight news, although I supply a little context. So I will be attempting over time (and actually have been for some months) to continue to take THCB away from the the “selective” news reporting type of blogging where it started out (and which tends to be how Don Johnson’s BusinessWord and Ross Silverman’s Public Health Press‘s News Links features operate) and into more in-depth analysis, opinions on the future likely course of healthcare (from me and my various contributors), and scurrilous gossip (OK, maybe not that scurrilous!). You shouldn’t notice too much difference, but as ever please let me know your opinions.

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