QUALITY: More problems at Tenet sub-contractor

A little more scuttle-butt from my source on that Tenet sub-contractor THCB wrote about a while back.

Disarray abounds at the small healthcare IT company that Tenet has chosen to support its Core Measures JCAHO submission requirements. The company recently was denied JCAHO “listed” Core Measures vendor status because JCAHO’s Board didn’t feel that the company should be permitted to sell to hospitals directly. Although the company is still permitted to support Tenet, Tenet (as the JCAHO listed entity) is wholly responsible for data submission screw-ups: something that has occurred every quarter, so far.

Adding to the dysfunction is the removal of this company’s CEO and founder by its board and the departure of the company’s CFO, VP of Engineering, VP of Sales, Director of Marketing, and several senior engineers in the past few months. One wonders why Tenet would entrust something as important as JCAHO accreditation to a company that JCAHO refuses to certify…

I have some really juicy stuff on this waiting in the wings, but I probably need to get the as yet non-existent THCB legal counsel on the case first.

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