POLITICS/POLICY: Harris Poll Shows Tight Presidential Race

As I’ve saying for a while, this Presidential race remains too close to call, and today my favorite polling organization confirms that. A Harris Poll taken late last weekend showed Bush and Kerry tied. Why believe Harris? Well aside from being bright enough to employ me for a little while in the late 1990s, they have a very good record in very close elections. For example they were the only ones to get the UK 1992 election right (a very narrow Tory win) and the most accurate in the 2000 Presidential election in which they called the popular vote a tie (and it was).

Which all lead me to the conclusion that Bush needs to stop talking about health care. On the other hand some commies might suggest that the other parts of his record that he is running on aren’t too strong either. But the point is that (gullible or not) the public thinks that he’s a better bet than Kerry on that furr-in terra stuff. Of course them furr-iners massively prefer Kerry — lucky for Bush they don’t get to vote.

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