Obvious but good news.

A Louisiana grand jury refused to indict Anna Pou, the cancer surgeon accused of murdering four seriously ill patients after Hurricane Katrina.

Perhaps Mr Foti will see the same fate as the DA in the Duke rape case. After all, Dr Pou is rather more deserving of our support than a bunch of frat boy partying lacrosse players (and before you take that as an insult—I was one when I was at university!)

Foit had the gall to say this:

“The dedicated employees of the attorney general’s office have done their duty as required by federal and state law, and I am very proud of our efforts on behalf of the victims and their families.”

As if he and his lackeys were in the hospital caring for patients when it was 105 degrees with no light, no power and no hope of rescue. There was someone helping the “victims” and it sure as hell wasn’t him.

And more widely it’s about time DA’s stopped practicing medicine. As has been going on in their war against pain doctors across this country.

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