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Welldoc–Anand Iyer & Marina Dorotheo demo the latest!

Welldoc is a consumer facing tool that has been around a long, long time in the diabetes management space. It was the first company to be certified by the FDA as Software as a Medical Device, and it has moved into wide range of diseases as the consumer front-end for many organizations. Welldoc itself is hiding behind the scenes in most of these relationships but it has grown steadily and not had to raise money since 2016. A few weeks back I grabbed Anand Iyer, Chief Analytics Officer and & Marina Dorotheo, Chief Marketing Officer who also runs strategy. We had a long chat about the state of the market, the company and they showed me an extensive demo (9.40-32.00). If you haven’t caught up with this sector lately, this is well worth a detailed look.

mHealth: Seemingly Stuck in Neutral

As many readers know, Chilmark Research has been a strong proponent of mHealth for several years. Despite this enthusiasm, we sometimes come away from a conference, such as this week’s mHealth Summit, with the feeling that the only ones making a living with mHealth are conference organizers. Maybe it was the format of this particular conference – too many presentations that were not well vetted for relevance and content. Maybe it was the lack of exhibitors – where is the rest of the legacy HIT market who are all claiming to be bringing mHealth solutions to market? Maybe it was hearing too many mHealth vendors with weak value propositions asking the Feds to step in and jump start this market. Or maybe it was the over reliance on government presentations and an ill-fated alliance with HIMSS, who sponsored less than visionary sessions. Hard to point to any single thing that contributed to this ho hum feeling, so let’s just chalk it up to all the above.

That being said, however, the mHealth Summit, now in its third year, is the best conference one can attend in the US if one wants to get the global pulse on all things mHealth.

From its humble beginnings where the first conference was quickly over-subscribed and held in a small DC amphitheater, this year’s event drew over 3,000 attendees to the massive Gaylord Resort outside of Washington DC for three days of countless sessions running concurrently covering every aspect of mHealth one could imagine. While most sessions were structured as panels with several short presentations, one was thankful that presentations were indeed short for few had substance. But nearly every session had one stellar presentation that kept one hopeful. Those were the gems of this event and like any event, the networking that occurs in the halls.

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