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How Health Services Researchers Can Harness Data : Discussion at Health Innovation Week, SF

Last week’s Health Innovation Week in San Francisco started for me with a day entitled “From Data to Information, to Knowledge to Application: How Health Services Research Can Harness Data to Help Support a More Rapid Learning Cycle,” at @KPGarfield in Oakland, California.  I was asked to present an example from clinical practice on “Novel Means of Data Generation.”

Kind of a lot to get my head around as since I am not a health services researcher.

I knew that I would be co presenting with Gilles Frydman ( @gfry ) and as I have always learned, even if you don’t know what to do, take a good history, so I went.

The second in my slide is maybe a small reflection of my anxiety over Twitter, thanks to the audience for letting me express it.

Speaking of social media, I really liked the stated approach for the day, “share whatever you like, just don’t attribute it to people.” For me that sets a great tone, so kudos to the organizers for discussing this proactively rather than waiting for someone to ask. With that in mind, I will attribute things to myself only, since they’re my things to attribute…

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