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Our President is on the Ropes

Stephen Kardos

Recent pictures of President Obama suggest he is battered and on the ropes. Our President can recover if he chooses to change his fighting strategy to improve health instead of budgeting health. There is clearly emerging consensus against yet another health plan sponsored by the federal government.

There is already much oversight at federal and state levels of all insurance programs, yet all of these programs experience unsustainable cost trends. Medicare, Medicaid and the Federal Employee Health Benefit Plans are modeled after private insurance plans and they do not work for our country. In the instances where profit incentives have been removed from government-run programs such as the federal employee health plans, the trends in these plans are not significantly different from private insurance plan trends.Continue reading…

Op-Ed: Health Care Re-invention and Personal Responsibility More Critical to Reform than Government Intervention

Stephen Kardos

President Obama should be commended for addressing the challenge that’s facing our nation’s health care system. While Democrats and Republicans agree that the health system is broken (since 1975, per person annual health spending has grown 2.1 percent faster than overall economic growth per person¹), there is no clear agreement on the next steps that need to be taken to fix the problem.

President Obama has offered the idea of implementing a national health care plan; however, in its current iteration, his plan doesn’t address what’s broken with the system. Instead of flooding the system with 46 million more insured persons and spending $1.2 trillion over the decade, Obama should look to the hard evidence that indicates a third of all health dollars currently spent each year (more than $750 billion) are wasted. That lump sum should be brought back into the system to care for the uninsured and reduce the national deficit at the same time.Continue reading…