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Getting Healthcare Providers Paid in Real-Time. FOR REAL. | Seth Cohen, Ooda Health


Disruption of the healthcare payment model? We’re IN! Meet Ooda Health a two-year old startup that is working to change the way healthcare is paid for by changing WHEN it’s paid for: BEFORE the patient leaves the hospital or doctor’s office. How can we possibly live in a world without EOBs? We’re dying to find out. Seth Cohen, President & Co-Founder of Ooda Health, talks about the launch of the startup’s first service, Ooda Pay, which just went live with BCBS of Arizona, Blue Shield of California, and care provider, Common Spirit Health. How did it go? We may be closer to disrupting healthcare billing (and it’s paperwork and admin expense) than we thought.

Filmed at HLTH 2019 in Las Vegas, October 2019.

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Paper EOBs? Please Make Them Stop!

flying cadeucii

This one is important.  Maggie writes in to ask:

When I had Premera Blue Cross (Washington state), I could opt-out of receiving paper EOBs. I received a email when an EOB was available and I viewed it online. Now I have MA BC/BS, and I do not have that option, and I can’t get anyone to tell me why?  The EOB is available online. I dislike paper EOBs – lots of wasted space, and I have to put them thru the shredder before I can recycle them …