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San Francisco 2010: iWantGreatCare Demonstration

In the US, a growing number of doctor rating sites offer helpful – and unfortunately sometimes less than helpful – background information on physician performance. Healthgrades, Angie’s List, and a long list of start ups use a range of approaches and methodologies to provide comparative information on physicians, theoretically allowing users to make informed choices between providers, comparison shop for the best prices and avoid doctors with poor track records. In the UK, the independent takes a different approach, offering a stats driven glimpse into the performance of doctors working for the National Health Service (NHS). We like the site’s clean lines and ease of use, something we can’t always say about all its U.S. based competitors. In this presentation from October’s Health 2.0 Conference in San Francisco, iWantGreatCare’s Managing Director Neil Bacon talks about his firm’s approach and why nearly as many doctors as patients are using the site.