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The Writing Is On the (Healthcare) Wall

flying cadeuciiFor the past few months I have been traveling around the globe. In my travels I have been talking to “leaders” from Ministries’ of Health, Insurance Companies, Hospitals, Physicians, and Professional Societies.

In many of the conversations I continue to hear more of the same story:

In order for change to happen, the incentives need to be in place.

Things such as, “…in order for physicians to adopt, the incentives need to support the actions.”

“…until incentives align it is difficult for hospitals to adopt changes in care models.”

“…in order for me to spend more time with patients the payment models need to align accordingly.”

Repeatedly I hear that in order for people to make changes inside of healthcare,that the money trail needs to lead the charge.

Yes, that worked so well with the adoption of EHR/EMR.

Leaders followed the dollars only to adopt and implement data archives that do not talk, interact, or share knowledge across the care continuum for patients.

Since when do “leaders” follow?

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